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One Year On - transACT Cloud Academy

May 30, 2022 - transact.marketing


transACT are looking forward to expanding our Cloud Academy with AWS. As we grow and expand the business globally, we hope to educate and train our staff to gain additional AWS Competencies, and ultimately enhance the advice and expertise we provide to our customers with their cloud and technology challenges. By working in collaboration with AWS, we have formed an innovative approach to the challenge of recruitment with a focus on training and education from the ground up.

A joint initiative was formed with AWS around their re/start program which prepares individuals for careers in the cloud and connects them to potential employers. After the course of classroom-based skills and training has been delivered, the individuals now move into transACT’s Cloud Academy which focuses on further building the skill set to take the class-based training into real-world scenario-based learning in a customer-facing environment.

At transACT Technology Solutions, we value our professionalism and experience. That coupled with successfully demonstrating those skills and learnings into AWS accreditations is paramount to our continued and future success.

We spoke to AWS re/start graduate and transACT Cloud Academy member Mark Rathbone on his thoughts on his journey -

"Having started my Cloud career at transACT last year, I have been able to continually improve and learn thanks to their commitment to training and development whilst working on significant, real-world projects. I have progressed from a novice Cloud Practitioner to a specialist in Data Analytics and Machine Learning, two goals I thought would have been unattainable until much further into my Cloud Career."

"I have expanded my skillset in other core technical areas: My programming skills have significantly advanced thanks to the amount of code for production workloads I am encouraged to write. My understanding of AWS services, capabilities, and limitations has been expanded beyond any certifications teaching. My ability to implement these services into professional architecture diagrams, with included technical documentation has considerably improved."

"transACT have been there every step of the way – from providing the training resources required to allowing the time to learn and study whilst working on real projects, has helped define and mould my job role around what we what to achieve in our cloud careers."

We also spoke with Louis Airiohuodion, who is also one of our AWS re/start graduates and transACT Cloud Academy members -

"A year ago, I joined transACT Technology Solutions, hoping above everything else that if I could get at least two-thirds of what was promised, then it would make it worthwhile. I am not a cynical person, it is just that you always receive promises from some organisations, only to be let down or find the process less than ideal."

"However, I have since learned a few things about transACT: They place a high priority on the development of their employees especially the re/start graduates in the Cloud Academy. They listen to the input and ideas from all on how to enhance self-development and progress the career path you choose to pursue. Finally, they provide the opportunity to put acquired skills to good use, so that it becomes second nature."

"By having ownership of this process, I have been able to learn more than I thought possible within the space of a year. I have grown leaps and bounds in the application of my cloud skills in proffering solutions to customer needs, both technically and in Account Management. I now provide expertise in scripting large deployments in Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using AWS CloudFormation and helping to architect customers' AWS infrastructure following the AWS best practices, just to name a few. Whilst developing these skills, I have gone on to achieve my AWS certifications as a Solutions Architect Associate and Developer Associate."

"So, I find myself thinking back to the beginning after the year I have had with transACT and can only conclude that the stars must have been aligned when I received the offer and that I accepted."

For more information on transACT Cloud Academy program with AWS email the Cloud Team at cloud@transactts.co.uk

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