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Unlock the full potential of AWS Lambda with transACT Technology Solutions

AWS Lambda is a serverless compute service that runs code on demand without requiring server management. Key features include serverless operation where AWS manages the compute fleet automatically, event-driven invocation enabling functions to be triggered by AWS services or custom applications, and automated handling of compute resources and scaling based on workload demands.
Lambda offers flexible pay per use pricing where you only pay for compute time used per request with no minimum fees. It can seamlessly scale concurrent executions up and down to meet workload needs. Lambda is resilient, retrying failed executions and distributing functions across availability zones.
For security, Lambda integrates with IAM and VPCs for access control and isolation. It provides reliability through built-in monitoring, logging and error handling capabilities.

Benefits include eliminating server management overhead, enabling real-time file processing, simplifying backend services development, and letting developers focus on code instead of infrastructure.
Lambda's automated, serverless capabilities allow organizations to build robust, agile applications efficiently that can scale effortlessly.

Run code without provisioning or managing infrastructure. Simply write and upload code as a .zip file or container image.

Automatically respond to code execution requests at any scale, from a dozen events per day to hundreds of thousands per second.

Optimize code execution time and performance with the right function memory size. Respond to high demand in double-digit milliseconds with Provisioned Concurrency.

Run code without provisioning or managing infrastructure. Simply write and upload code as a .zip file or container image.

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    Automating IT operations tasks:

    Lambda functions can be triggered to handle things like auto-scaling infrastructure, updating DNS records, replicating databases, etc. This saves time and reduces human error.

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    Cron jobs:

    Scheduled Lambda functions can carry out repetitive batch processes like cleansing data, aggregating logs, and scheduled alerts/emails. Replaces cron jobs on servers.

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    Processing files:

    As files are uploaded to S3 buckets, Lambda functions can be triggered to scan for viruses, generate thumbnails, transcode media, and more.

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    Real-time stream processing:

    Analyse streams of data from IoT devices, clickstreams, financial trades etc with Lambda.

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    ETL pipelines:

    Lambda is commonly used to transform data from sources like Kinesis/DynamoDB streams before loading it into Redshift/Elasticsearch. This replaces complex ETL servers.

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    Event-driven workflows:

    Chain Lambda functions together to implement complex workflows in a serverless architecture. For example, order processing.

Automate Business Intelligence with transACT FaaS

transACT FaaS (FinOps as a Service) platform brings together technology, business and finance teams by automating the complexity of cloud management.

transACT FaaS can help your organisations bridge any skill gap with our FinOps and R&D expertise in-house, so you don't need to develop and manage the service.

Learn more about transACT’s cloud services here


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