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transACT achieves EC2 for Microsoft Windows Service Validation

As an Advanced AWS Partner, we can expand our skills within specific technology domains and services validated by AWS against their own best practices. We have achieved the EC2 for Microsoft Windows service accreditation. This designation highlights our expertise and success in helping customers evaluate and run Microsoft Windows workloads on AWS EC2 optimally and efficiently while following the Well-Architected Framework and industry-recommended best practices.

This achievement, alongside our current migration competency, emphasises our goal of helping customers navigate their business challenges and run applications efficiently on the AWS Cloud.

Our team of accredited architects and engineers help businesses migrate their Microsoft workloads to AWS through a range of different services through designing, building, and managing highly scalable, secure, and dynamic environments.

What is our EC2 Partnership?

Amazon EC2 for Windows Microsoft Server Partners is one of the compute services under Amazon’s Service Delivery Programs. Compute Delivery Services Partners deliver services or solutions specific to AWS Server Migration Service.

This designation validates our capability to guide customers with the migration and modernisation of their Microsoft workloads to AWS. This designation highlights our commitment to the design and deployment of reliable and secure cloud solutions for our customers. It has been validated through multiple audits, checks, and past customer success stories in the domain.


What does this mean for transACT customers?

This milestone showcases our ability to deliver a wide range of specialised migration solutions tailored to address specific Microsoft workload challenges on AWS. Our expertise in delivering scalable and secure environments ensures customers can adapt to future challenges. Whether you’re a small company seeking to optimise your operations or a large enterprise aiming to modernise your infrastructure, we have the in-house expertise to tailor solutions that align with your requirements.

We can provide guidance and support throughout the migration journey, ensuring customers feel assured and confident they can focus on their core operations throughout the modernisation of their infrastructure.

Learn more about our transACT’s Window Server offering here https://transactts.com/windows-migrations/

If you would like speak directly to the transACT team about your Microsoft workloads, please email cloud@transactts.co.uk

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