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Migrating and Modernising Microsoft Workloads on AWS

The benefits of Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows Server

For many organisations, Microsoft Windows workloads remain essential to business operations. Still, licensing costs can spiral, and as support for business-critical applications like Windows Server 2012 ends, organisations are aware they will become exposed to security and compliance issues and increasing costs.

 By leveraging the cloud organisations pay only for the resources they use while automatically scaling up and down based on computing demands.

Maximum benefits

Migrating Microsoft Windows workloads to AWS offers organisations many benefits, including improved performance and reliability, minimising downtime, and ensuring seamless operations. Moreover, businesses can take advantage of AWS’s flexible and cost-effective licensing options, reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and maximising cost efficiency.

Your AWS Partner

transACT is an AWS Strategic Partner and one of only a few globally with the AWS Migration and Storage competencies. We work with global clients to drive their digital transformation journeys.

Our team has deep domain knowledge and expertise in enabling organisations to migrate and modernise their Windows workloads on Amazon EC2. By leveraging the power of AWS, we help our clients reduce costs with a comprehensive family of EC2 instances, and we work with companies to help them leverage these opportunities and outline a plan with their critical business and technology objectives.

Benefits of Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows Server:

Unmatched Depth and Breadth:
Amazon EC2 offers unmatched depth and breadth when running Windows workloads, ensuring scalability, reliability, and performance.

Right-size workloads:
Use cloud automation like EC2 autoscaling to optimise license usage by only running VMs when needed. Shut down unused capacity.

AWS Savings Plans:
Commit to predictable workloads and get discounts up to 72% on compute usage like EC2 and Fargate when migrating from on-prem Microsoft licenses.

Reduce the need for licences:
By adopting cloud-native managed AWS Services like RDS, Aurora, and EKS to reduce the need for Microsoft licenses like SQL Server and Windows Server.

Move from CAPEX to OPEX:
Migrate away from upfront license purchases to pay-as-you-go subscriptions that better align with cloud consumption models.

Scalability and flexibility:
EC2 allows businesses to scale their Windows Server instances up or down based on their needs. This flexibility allows for efficient resource utilisation and cost management, as companies only pay for the resources they use.

Discover more

transACT’s international cloud practitioners ensure that clients receive the highest level of support, expertise, and guidance in enabling seamless migration and modernisation of Windows workloads on Amazon EC2.

To speak to the team directly, please email cloud@transactts.com, or to learn more, please download our Windows for AWS datasheet here

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