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IP3 Portal

Single pane of glass access, index, search and compliance for company data assets.


What we offer

transACT’s IS3 portal forms an integral part of an end-to-end Data to Cloud Service from transACT. The value of company data can be reclaimed by recovering archive data, migrating and managing in the cloud. The IS3 portal is a secure sharing and data governance platform that allows users to index, collaborate and manage all unstructured data files across the cloud through a single powerful dashboard.

Users Experience

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    Content search

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    Data management

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    Enhanced support

IT Management

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    Permission based access

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    Audit and track shared files

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    Set file sharing policies

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    Governance & compliance of data


transACT’s IS3 portal provides a secure multi-cloud content management platform for data in a single dashboard. File metadata is indexed to create a searchable repository that can be viewed, shared and managed via the IS3 portal. This includes unstructured data stored in S3/Glacier like Word, Excel, PDF’s, video and image files, allowing users to be able to find, manage and share data.

The IS3 portal provides a single control point for all your unstructured data and as it is a control fabric, it works with existing data, it does not modify it in any way. IS3 allows clients to move data from one platform to another, whether public cloud or on-premise. With policy controls for security and governance, corporate data is not only secure and compliant but also the value of the company data is reclaimed once again.

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    Connect Clouds


Public &
private clouds

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    Index Data


Content indexing
& search

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    IP3 Portal


Management &

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    Data Governance & Compliance

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    Adhere to legislative compliance

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    Audit & track data

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    FIPS Certified data encryption

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    Geo location restrictions

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    Real time data discovery

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    Data loss protection

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