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AWS Landing Zone

use case for digital services


Whilst AWS landing zone is not on the radar for many organisations, it’s a pivotal area for an AWS partner consultancy like transACT. The AWS Landing Zone lays out the structure, security rules, network settings and foundational services for a AWS base environment.

Your AWS Landing Zone partner

As a leading AWS consultancy partner, we in the transact cloud services team use the AWS Landing Zone solution to help our customers automate the setup of new AWS environments in line with AWS best practices. As an example, we recently implemented Landing Zone for a large digital services company after providing an audit of their existing environment provided as part of our transACT cloud management platform.


Use case for
Digital Services

Our digital services client needed to provide security and governance on a multi-account AWS environment. One of the company’s main concerns was controlling and governing their global multi-account structure whilst allowing the individual brands to develop. Ensuring they did not spend time, money and resources on workloads that are legacy or not optimised was paramount.

The audit we provided confirmed where data and accounts were transmitted and stored. This ensured that dependencies between these environment and workloads were reduced, to facilitate the transact cloud enablement program within AWS.

With our guidance, our client implemented the complete Landing Zone consisting of five AWS accounts:

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    Shared Services

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A key time-saver when launching this configuration was the automation and multiple workshops carried out by our cloud specialists to breakdown the implementation in detail with the customer.


Why AWS Landing

As highlighted, AWS Landing Zone helps our customers automate the setup of new AWS environments in line with AWS best practices. It all starts with a multi-account structure with security and governance controls and network settings. Based on customer business requirements, the initial AWS Landing Zone environment can be scaled up through capabilities of automated resource baselining.

Additionally, this structure provides the customer with a baseline to add multiple AWS accounts ensuring security and governance is at the heart of their enterprise environment.


Next steps

Book a call with one of our Cloud specialists who can provide further detail on the assessment and deliverables.

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