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Data Migration

Migrate to AWS with transACT’s team of in-house certified AWS Architects.


What we offer

transACT help deliver business transformation with cloud migration to Amazon Web Services with their dedicated team of in-house certified AWS Architects. We have a referenceable track record of managing business-critical applications focussing on end to end storage and big data analytical solutions.

The Cloud team at transACT work closely with our customers, supporting and advising at every stage of their migration journey, from assessing business needs to planning and executing the migration.

We deliver cost savings, operational tooling, architectural reviews all to best-practice mythologies to ensure an accelerated, hassle-free migration to the cloud.


Why migrate to the

Today’s IT professionals are tasked to achieve three critical objectives.

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    First, they must respond to customer demands; this requires fast, dynamic scalability—the ability to quickly and reliably scale up to meet the needs of millions of customers and back down when demand subsides, again and again, all without wasting budget.

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    Next, competitive pressures are charging today’s IT professionals with the often-contradictory goals of succeeding in an increasingly crowded marketplace while also reducing costs.

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    Finally, IT professionals must continuously win new customers, delighting them with applications that meet their needs in exciting ways.

transACT migration
use cases:


Quickly, moving applications to the cloud without changing them


Making a few optimisations to applications without changing their core architecture


Implementation of migrations and advisory with minimal impact


Changing the way applications are architecture and developed, usually by employing cloud-native features


Replacing your current environment by moving to a newer software version or cloud solution


Identify assets that are no longer useful and turning them off

Next steps

Book a call with one of our Cloud specialists who can provide further detail on the assessment and deliverables.

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